Whitewater Adventure: Zambezi River Rafting

zambezi river raftingThe massive expanse of the Zambezi River, Africa’s fourth-longest waterway, is an impressive enough sight on its own, including all the natural lands and wildlife that surrounds it. But some people aren’t satisfied with simply looking at a beautiful place — it must be viscerally experienced in order to have truly been visited. For avid water sports enthusiasts like kayakers and rafters, the Zambezi River is a vast playground just waiting to be explored.

There are several outfits through which you can arrange one day, overnight, or multiple days for a Zambezi River rafting trip. Like all major rivers that feature whitewater rapids, there are appropriate levels for everyone who wants to ride the Zambezi, from those who will be white-knuckle terrified the whole way to experienced pros that are jonesing for their next adrenaline rush. Depending on the length and location of your trip, you may observe dense evergreen forests, grasslands, floodplains, and freshwater swamps, and wildlife may include lions, leopards, crocodiles, storks, pelicans, and a wide variety of butterflies.

Victoria Falls, which acts as a boundary between the upper and middle regions of the Zambezi River, is the world’s largest waterfall at 1,708 meters high and 108 meters wide, and a breathtaking sight to behold. There is even a natural hole in the rock bed that Victoria Falls crosses before it makes the nearly mile-long leap to the bottom that you can sit in, literally on the edge of the world. There is no other experience in the world that will ever come close to that!

Check out this incredible video of pro kayaker Mat Dumoulin’s recent whitewater adventure down the Zambezi River for a little inspiration!

Image via christophercjensen

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