Top 3 Camping Destinations in Massachusetts

From lakes and mountains to rivers and oceans, the variety of terrain in Massachusetts can only be appreciated when people slow down and spend a weekend wrapped in its sweet embrace, waking up to a sunrise over the glassy waters of one of the area’s lakes. After a round of s’mores at night, campers can lay back and take in an endless array of shimmering stars populating the night sky. With the distractions of Facebook and the TV a forgotten memory, residents and visitors can relax and truly unwind in one of the campsites listed below, and come to understand why Massachusetts provides some of the best places to camp on the east coast.


Mount Greylock State Reservation

mount greylock state reservation Top 3 Camping Destinations in Massachusetts


Mount Greylock State Reservation outside of Adams, Massachusetts is hard to top. With only 15 sites located at the top of the state’s tallest peak, campers can experience utter solitude as they look up in awe of scenic Stony Ledge and stretch their eyes in all directions for the most spectacular views in the entire state. However, a spot at these primitive campsites must be earned, since campers must hike to reach them. Once there, there are endless trails in all directions that provide hours of outdoor enjoyment.


Nickerson State Park

nickerson state parl 920x690 Top 3 Camping Destinations in Massachusetts


Nickerson State Park, located near Brewster and the elbow of Cape Cod is home to over 400 spacious campsites that are extremely popular during the summer months. Campers that are lucky enough to snag a spot can explore miles upon miles of scenic biking and hiking trails that wind through the area’s woods and ponds. Hardcore hikers and bikers can spend the day traversing the 25-mile Cape Cod Trail, but those in search of a more relaxing time can canoe or kayak the serene waters of the area’s numerous ponds.


Boston Harbor Islands

boston harbor islands Top 3 Camping Destinations in Massachusetts


The Boston Harbor Islands may be just a short ferry trip from Boston, but once there, visitors feel like they are a world away. The most popular island is Georges Island, which is only a 45-minute ferry ride across Boston Harbor. Here, visitors can explore Fort Warren, a fort originally built in 1833 and used to house thousands of Confederate prisoners during the Civil War. From Georges Island, visitors can take another short ferry ride to Grape Island and walk along scenic grassy paths and witness endless fields of wild roses, raspberries, and blueberries. Afterwards, there is a small, rustic campground for the ultimate camping experience just a stone’s throw away from Boston.


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