Tent Accessories Worth Investing In

When it comes to camping equipment, it’s tempting to go out and buy all the neat tent accessories you happen to come across; unfortunately, doing this can lead to an overabundance of equipment that is never used. Organization and preparation are the keys to a successful camping trip, so feel good about picking up the following accessories to make life in your tent easier:


Gear Loft

MSR Universal Gear Loft - $27.95

MSR Universal Gear Loft – $27.95

A gear loft, sometimes referred to as a tent attic, is a nifty accessory that helps keep a person’s small items safe and handy. Everyone knows how easy it is to lose small items in a tent — with a gear loft, a person can store their items above their head in a mesh loft that is attached to their tent. Some even come with lightweight LED bulbs to help campers with visibility during the night. A gear loft is a great place to store cell phones, batteries, and other small items for safekeeping while you sleep or are away from the tent.


 Toiletry Bags

Eagle Creek Pack-It Slim Kit - $19.95

Eagle Creek Pack-It Slim Kit – $19.95

Roll-up toiletry bags help keep personal and hygienic items protected from dirt and bugs, as well as offer plenty of pockets to keep your items safe and clean. These bags will typically have a protective nylon exterior, and a waterproof interior to protect your other belongings from spills and leaks. When you are ready to store your items, simply roll the bag up and hang it from anywhere in your tent.


Ceiling Fan

Coleman Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan with Light - $19.95

Coleman Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan with Light – $19.95

A tent ceiling fan helps keep campers cool and comfortable during the summer. The fan is attached to the gear loft loops of a tent. Most fans run for about 24 continuous hours on the highest setting, and they require four D cell batteries, so rechargeable batteries would be a wise choice with this accessory..


Grip Clips

Sierra Designs Grip Clips - $11.95

Sierra Designs Grip Clips – $11.95

Grip clips are one of those tent accessories that all campers should invest in. The clips help solidify your tent against the wind and the elements. The clips can be attached anywhere that extra support is needed. Most people attach them to their tent’s support beams to guarantee that a strong gust of wind won’t knock their tent over.


Glow or Reflective Accessories

Sierra Designs Reflective Guyline Kit - $13.95

Sierra Designs Reflective Guyline Kit – $13.95

Glowing or reflective tent lines and accessories can help campers maneuver at night by reflecting light, preventing tripping and injury. These accessories are inexpensive and universal to any tent, making them worth investing in and having on any camping trip.


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