A Tasty Morsel

Zoos have long been the source of controversy, with one side claiming it’s cruel to keep exotic animals in foreign environments, no matter how elaborate, and the other side coming to their defense, saying it’s an efficient way to teach people all around the world about the variety of life on Earth, not to mention the rescue of some unfortunate animals from situations worse than zoos. Whatever side you fall on, it’s hard to deny the fascination you feel when visiting a zoo. Many zoos have gone to great lengths to ensure their animals have state-of-the-art habitats and enrichment programs to try to keep their minds fresh, alert, and entertained. But one thing is sure — you can take the animal out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the animal. These funny and/or scary videos demonstrate just how true this is. If there’s one good use for plexiglass, we think this one wins!




Image via Raw Processor

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