SunnyScope’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Stocking Stuffers for Minimalist Campers

SunnySports_XmasFor the 11th day of Christmas, we’re thinking less is more: an assortment of lightweight camping gear that’s easy to pack and store!


esbit pocket stove with 6 fuel tabletsEsbit Pocket Stove with 6 Fuel Tablets – $8.75

For the minimalist camper, less stuff means more freedom, more convening with nature, and you can’t get much more minimal than this tiny but effective Pocket Stove from Esbit. This cooking or heating device literally fits in your pocket, but provides a stable surface to boil water or warm your hands even in the most remote areas — no campfire required! It comes with 6 solid fuel tablets, each of which will give you roughly 14 minutes of total burn time, and the stove can be adjusted to allow for low or high heat. Along with a box of extra fuel cubes, this is a perfect stocking stuffer for any minimalist camper.


platypus water tankPlatypus Water Tank – $19.95-$27.95
Even the most minimalist of outdoorsmen requires a water supply, and the best way to keep it simple for your minimalist camper is to make the vessel collapsible so that it is easier to transport when empty, like the Platypus Water Tank. This handy canteen comes in three sizes: 2, 4, and 6 liters, and features Platypus’ Big Zip wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning as well as a screw-top corner spout for tidy drinking and dispensing. A nylon carrying handle makes each of these tanks easy to transport, and when not in use, just roll it up and tuck into any small space available.


ultimate survival strike force fire starterUltimate Survival Strike Force Fire Starter – $18.95

Even better than a lighter or matches, a fire starter is an essential piece of minimalist camping gear. These devices are made to throw sparks at extremely high temperatures, ensuring you get a flame going in virtually any weather condition. The Strike Force Fire Starter from Ultimate Survival is one of the best fire starters on the market, good for up to 4,000 strikes at 3 times the heat of a regular match. This fire starter comes with a cube of WetFire tinder, a substance that will burn at 1300F, even soaking wet. Throw in an extra pack of WetFire and this is the ultimate stocking stuffer for minimalist campers!


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