SunnyScope’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Potable Totes from GSI Outdoors

SunnySports_logo christmasAnd finally on the 12th day of Christmas, our spirited friends will rejoice to find a potable tote from GSI Outdoors under the tree filled with a beverage of their choice!

GSI Outdoors Wine Glass Gift Set - just $29.95!

GSI Outdoors Wine Glass Gift Set – just $29.95!

Who doesn’t like to unwind with a nice glass of fermented grapes at the end of a long hike to a hilltop just in time for sunset? Forget about broken glass and ruined moments with this Wine Glass Gift Set from GSI Outdoors. This soft-sided neoprene tote features a 750 ml reservoir to hold an entire bottle of your favorite vintage, while the other side is a zippered compartment that holds two nesting wine glasses for a pop-up party anytime. The wine pouch has a wide mouth opening for filling, but a smaller opening for serving, and a tethered cap that keeps the contents securely inside. Throw it over your shoulder with the included nylon strap and you’re on your way!


GSI Outdoors 9 oz Highland Flask - only $3.95!

GSI Outdoors 9 oz Highland Flask – only $3.95!

If your poison is a little harder than wine, get the ultimate flask for outdoor adventures and order GSI Outdoor’s 9 oz Highland Flask. This BPA-free laminated and foiled pouch has plenty of room for your favorite hooch and a wide mouth opening for easy transfer from bottle to flask. The tethered lid makes sure you never lose the cap no matter how tipsy you get, and the attached lanyard allows you to throw the flask around your neck when your hands can no longer do the job.


GSI Outdoors Highland Fifth - only $9.95!

GSI Outdoors Highland Fifth – only $9.95!

The Highland Fifth from GSI Outdoors allows partymakers to tote an entire fifth of their favorite booze out into the woods, and even has a little loop in the corner like the moonshine jugs of yore. When you’ve emptied every last drop, just roll it up and tuck it away until the next party in the wilderness rolls around.


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