SunnyScope’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Kelty Folding Coolers

SunnySports_logo holidayFor the 10th day of Christmas, we think this gift will rule: a folding, zippered carrying case to keep the drinks and perishables cool!

Only $47.95-$75.95 with FREE shipping!

Only $47.95-$75.95 with FREE shipping!

A cooler is a camping necessity — there will always be food and drink you want kept cool on your excursion. But the days of lugging around that behemoth hunk of plastic will be dead and gone once you get your hands on one of these sweet folding coolers from Kelty.

Available in 20, 35, and 50 liter capacities, the Kelty Folding Cooler is a modern take on an old standby, giving you the versatility you need when it comes to taking up and saving space. These soft-sided coolers are every bit as convenient as their shoulder bag day-at-the-beach counterparts, but offer the increased size you need for a several day family camping trip.

Each cooler features carrying handles at the sides as well as a detachable shoulder strap, and the main compartment closes securely with a dual zipper on all sides. The bottom is reinforced for extra durability out in the elements, and the body of the cooler is covered in Kelty’s rugged nylon material with enhanced abrasion-resistance. The molded top even has four cupholders for use as an extra surface when you’re just hanging around the camp.

The interior is lined with a waterproof material that keeps cool air in and prevents any moisture from seeping out. And although it can be easily folded up for compact storage, the interior foam structure is rigid enough to support whatever objects you put inside — no need to fear the eggs and bread getting crushed in transit!

Buy just one to replace your old, worn out cooler, or buy all three and you’ll always have a lightweight, compact cooler option for any size gathering!


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