Riding Alaska’s Frozen Beauty

Although the vernal equinox won’t come to pass for another week, winter is in full swing in many places across the globe, bringing infinite delight to outdoor enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of a little cold weather. In fact, winter presents an amazing array of outdoor activities that only get better with a decrease in temperature and an increase in snow. Sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and just monkeying around in the frozen white stuff is something many people look forward to all year, with visions of steep downhill runs and powdery soft landings dancing in their heads as they flip the steak at the summer pool party. Winter is arguably one of the best seasons for outdoor activities!

This mindset is not the least bit foreign to Zack Giffin, a professional skier that finds little intimidating about the winter wonderlands of many a frozen region, including the impressive backcountry of Alaska. Check out this visually stunning footage of Giffin shot in some of the most remote and pristine corners of America’s northernmost state.

Image via DenaliNPS

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