Put This Under the Tree For Under $50

Outdoorsy types are awesome to shop for, for the sheer volume of nifty gadgets and accessories available on the market. Even if your happy camper already has a full set to work with, a few extras to add to their kit will never be a burden. If you’re unsure of what they like, go with trusty items that would be handy to any outdoor lover. It doesn’t take a lot of brainpower or money to give a gift that will remind someone of what a cool, thoughtful friend you are — and possibly help them out of a jam!

Eagle Creek Dual Wattage International Converter Set – $28.95

If you’ve got a backpacker on your list who is often found in locations across the globe, chances are they’ve run into a need for electrical converters. This handy set includes converters for the electrical systems of Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, China, the Middle East, and more. Whether you need to charge a cell phone, iron your clothes, or make some coffee, this converter set will be a great asset to any traveler’s pack!

Sea To Summit Lightweight Dry Sacks – $7.95 – $18.95

There is nary a hiker or camper in the world who hasn’t had their parade rained on, dust stormed, or confronted by an unexpected waterway. That is why dry sacks are such a great gift — they are designed to keep out all manner of intruding elements, while not adding extra bulk and weight to your gear when not in use. No one will be unappreciative of one of these great dry sacks.

CamelBak ShredBak 72 oz Hydration Vest – $44.95 SALE

Most outdoors people, and some sports fans, have heard of CamelBak’s revolutionary hydration systems. You no longer have to try to figure out which hand should hold your water bottle while extricating yourself from between two solid boulders, because the CamelBak rests securely on your, well…back. This vest/hydration vessel does you one better and offers a bit of insulation for your entire torso, while keeping the reservoir in which your beverage of choice is contained safe within the confines of the vest. Plus it has some pretty killer graphics. It also comes in women’s sizes, so check out the link for more details!

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