PowerPot Blows Its Kickstarter Goal Away for a New and Improved Model!

PowerPot X - coming soon!

PowerPot X – coming soon!

We introduced the PowerPot from Power Practical on SunnyScope back in September, and it was exciting to report on such an innovative piece of technology in the outdoor gear field. But now our excitement can hardly be contained, as we just found out that Power Practical more than doubled their Kickstarter goal for the next iteration of the PowerPot, which means we’re not long from its debut on the consumer market.

The main feature of the PowerPot V, their first model that debuted on Kickstarter in early 2012, is its ability to convert heat energy into enough electricity to power your gadgets in the outdoors, including cameras, cellphones, GPS units, and more, with a top output of 5 watts. It was an immediate hit among outdoor industry bloggers and various news outlets, noting the potential this device could have in bringing electricity to developing areas worldwide, aiding survival in disaster situations, and streamlining your activities while exploring the outdoors.

The PowerPot X promises to deliver all the goods of the PowerPot V, with a few new and improved features. For starters, the PowerPot X will be kicking out twice as much power at a maximum output of 10 watts. This is substantially more than any other thermoelectric generator on the market today. Even with the minimal amount of heat necessary to operate the PowerPot X, it will still put out at least 5 watts of continuous power.

What this means is that you will be able to charge bigger items that require more power, like tablets, or more devices at one time, like iPhones and GoPro cameras, faster and more efficiently in the outdoors. And to make it easy to determine when your devices have fully charged, the PowerPot X has an integrated meter in the power regulator that indicates the charge level from 1-10 watts.

The PowerPot X will be available in 2 sizes

The PowerPot X will be available in 2 sizes

Another great new feature of the upcoming PowerPot X is that it will come in two larger sizes: 2.3 liter for two, and XL 3.8 liter for larger parties, each of which put out a maximum of 10 watts. The regulator will now have 2 USB ports for charging multiple devices at once, allowing all campers to get a few minutes of high-powered charging while the coffee or stew cooks up.

We obviously aren’t the only ones enamored with the PowerPot, since the team behind this incredible device has already raised more than double their goal, with 10 days left to raise even more! They have some really cool prizes left, so check out the PowerPot Kickstarter if you want to get in on some of this revolutionary action. Enjoy this promo video of what’s to come:

Images via PowerPot X Kickstarter


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