Patagonia Offers Consumer Transparency with The Footprint Chronicles

patagoniaPatagonia is a widely popular brand among outdoor enthusiasts, lauded for their environmental responsibility when it comes to materials they use and by donating time, services, and a minimum of one percent of their total sales to environmental and conservation groups worldwide. But Patagonia also cares about the impact it makes on people as well, which is what compelled them to create The Footprint Chronicles: an exercise in consumer transparency.

Because people are becoming more aware of the processes that go into the products they buy, the need for transparency when it comes to how it affects the people involved is becoming more relevant. Patagonia decided that along with transparency about the materials that go into their clothes, they would offer the same kind of transparency when it comes to their social impact on the world as well.

The Footprint Chronicles allows consumers to examine the life and habits of the Patagonia company, with complete transparency of their supply chain. A map pinpoints every location of their factories and textile mills worldwide, with pop-up information about each one including street location, worker demographics, and what material is produced there.

There are also several blog posts that discuss the supply chain of their down and cotton, promoting fair labor practices and working conditions, and how Patagonia as a company is working with the Nature Conservancy and other partners to restore grasslands in Patagonia. They openly encourage consumers to use The Footprint Chronicles to ask questions and provide feedback as a way of making the concept of social responsibility ever more finely tuned.

Check out this short video explaining what The Footprint Chronicles can do for you.


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