Your Outdoor Packing List: Festival Camping

Festivals are an integral part of summer for thousands of people all over the world for music, entertainment, and of course, camping!  Festival camping is one of the more enjoyable aspects of summer events for the opportunity to spend time with friends, reconnecting with old ones, and always meeting new ones. While your packing list will vary widely from festival to festival based on location, there are a few items that will always be of value. Check out our suggestions for your festival camping packing list. Most important of all: don’t forget your tickets!

Today’s Packing List: Festival Camping

  1. Power Source
    In this day and age, technology plays a big role in festivals and festival camping, as people stay connected to people within the festival, as well as family, work, and other friends on the outside. While more festivals are attempting to address this need by creating power stations where you can charge your electronics, long lines and system overloads can render the station impractical for the number of people who want to use it. Why wait, when you could have your own solar charging station? For less than $150, you can have this solar panel setup that charges cameras, iProducts, cell phones, and other small electronics, as well as recharging batteries for anything that takes AA or AAA. If you’re camping for the long haul, a solar charging station will be an invaluable asset to your camp!
  2. Shade Structure
    Festivals are entertainment Meccas, but there’s usually a lot of hang time at the camp, so make sure you have a shade structure on your packing list. Many shade structures are inexpensive and easy to put up, and they’re well worth the effort on those hot summer days.
  3. Audio System
    Although many festivals revolve around music in one way or another, it’s nice to have your tunes at camp between shows. A compact speaker that you can hook up to any audio device is good, but a rechargeable one is better. Just hook it up to your solar panel when the internal battery gets low, and viola! Music that’s eco-friendly and sustainable.
  4. Games and Entertainment
    Part of the fun of festival camping is enjoying the company of your friends and other festival goers. A beanbag toss, lawn darts, card game, or hacky sack can provide hours of entertainment for the whole camp.
  5. Headlamp
    Walking around in the dark to find port-a-potties or your way back to camp will be infinitely easier with a headlamp, rather than a flashlight. The light will always be focused right where you’re looking, and your hands will be free for whatever you need them for. Most headlamps also have a red or other colored filter to prevent blinding others who are fumbling around in the dark too.

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