Your Outdoor Packing List: Day Hike

Here at SunnyScope, our goal is to bring you informative articles on all things outdoors. Gear suggestions, meal ideas, camping and hiking destinations, and wonderful things to be explored in nature are all parts of bringing the outdoors to you. With this in mind, we’d like to present a regular column to help you decide what you should pack for any type of outdoor adventure. These packing lists are meant to be helpful guidelines — not necessarily absolutes — that will assist you in making sure you have the basics for your trip to the outdoors. Feel free to share your packing lists with us and your fellow outdoorsmen!

Today’s Packing List: Day Hikes

  1. Water Bottle
    This may seem too obvious, but it is surprising how many people neglect to include this essential item on their day hike packing list. Even on cooler and overcast days, you will still be exerting yourself more than you might in your usual day-to-day life, and replenishing your body’s water will save you from all sorts of little ailments, the most dangerous of which is severe dehydration.
  2. First Aid Kit
    Even the most minimal of first aid kits is a smart thing to have along on a day hike. Deep scrapes and cuts are at a higher risk of infection if left unattended to in the outdoors. Make sure yours has bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain and sting relief, cotton pads, and gauze. Most superficial wounds can be dressed sufficiently with just these items.
  3. Sunblock/Insect Repellent
    These items should be on virtually every outdoor packing list. Never underestimate the power of the sun’s UV rays, even under heavily clouded skies. Insect repellent can save you from a lot of later discomfort that comes from bites of bugs you never even saw! Don’t forget to reapply both every few hours to get the maximum protection they offer.
  4. Food Energy
    Even if you’re only anticipating being on your day hike for a few hours, make sure that some type of energizing food is on your packing list, preferably packed with protein and complex carbohydrates. Any feelings of weakness can be deterred by consuming a high-energy food and some water. If you should find yourself lost, you’ll be glad you brought it!
  5. Rain Poncho
    Especially in spring and summer, cloudbursts are common. Many rain ponchos on the market these days compress into their own stuffsacks down to a negligible size, so why not have it on your packing list? Nothing is worse than being drenched by a sudden downpour when you’re not prepared for it. Okay, there are worse things. But being soaked can be a rather uncomfortable experience, so take a rain poncho just in case.

That wraps up this week’s edition of Your Outdoor Packing List. Stay tuned for our next installment!

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