Would You Take The Longest Way?

The outdoors, nature, and culture are some of the most inspiring things on Earth to many people, and the thirst for first-hand knowledge of the things that interest them can be nigh unquenchable. Prompted by a spirit of wanderlust and a need to live less materialistically, some of these people set out upon extraordinary quests and adventures that leave those who live in a different kind of reality scratching their heads in bemusement at why anyone would do such a thing.

One such person is Christoph Rehage, a 31-year-old German China Studies major of Munich. Rehage decided to embark upon a journey from Germany to China entirely on foot, save for the few plane and boat rides that bureaucratic matters demanded. Although his original plan was altered, Rehage walked an entire year through China, and recorded footage of the physical changes he went through, as well as capturing some fantastic scenery from every day of his journey. We challenge you not to be a little inspired by watching this awesome footage!


Image via DaveBinM


  1. very cool video.

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