An Impossible Reality

A couple years back, performance shoe manufacturers Hi-Tec released a clever video promoting their product via the introduction of a new sport, coined “liquid mountaineering” by the sport’s creator, Ulf Gartner. The video went viral, as intended, because it showed people accomplishing something no one has ever been successful at before.

The sad reality of the viral video, however, was that it was staged to appear as though the athletes were walking on water, when in fact they were not. A sort of underwater boardwalk was constructed and placed just below the water’s surface, creating a very realistic effect. Despite the widespread knowledge that the video was a fake, countless people took the challenge in their own hands, some of whom seem very close to figuring out an actual method.

It remains to be seen if man will ever walk on water using these techniques, but the trusty fellows over at MythBusters couldn’t resist testing their theories. Check out this interesting experiment that makes the impossible a reality.


Image via Michał Dubrawski

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