Not Your Grandfather’s Rope Swing

rope swingAh, the rope swing. Is there any better childhood summer memory than that length of thick, gnarled rope strung up on a high branch of an oak tree, waiting to hurl you over the sun warmed waters of your favorite watering hole? For many kids, it’s a rite of passage, a way to show that you could hang with the big dogs. Of course, it wasn’t so much letting go of the rope that proved difficult, it was the hanging on until you were a sufficient altitude over the water’s surface that was the real challenge! The exhilaration that came from the split second of weightlessness, followed by the free fall to the plunge…that was what defined so many golden summer days of our youth.

Things have changed ever so slightly, as is evidenced by this insane video of some kids who have outgrown that gnarled rope swing of yore. We don’t know what possessed them to try this stunt, but we can only imagine that it was inspired by the very same moxie that kids have been bubbling over with for millenia. Their sheer willingness to break the mold on what defines a memorable day in the outdoors is proof that if you can dream it, you will find a way to do it. Only one thing is for sure — this ain’t your grandfather’s rope swing.


Image via John Kratz

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