Extreme Outdoor Fun: The Human Slingshot Tour

human slingshotThere are some pretty extreme ways to enjoy nature and the outdoors, and it’s hard to beat sports like free climbing, downhill mountain biking, and canyoneering. That is, of course, unless we’re talking about the human slingshot.

Popular at state fairs and theme parks across the country, the human slingshot is typically a ride which securely fastens one or more people to two huge, taut bungee cords, and then releases them, sending riders shooting into the sky and back down again until the momentum subsides. It takes all the fun of bungee jumping and eliminates the risks associated with it to create a thrilling experience that some will line up for again and again.

But take away the carnival environment and add a completely natural backdrop, and you’ve got yourself a whole new outdoor activity that will take towns by storm. In fact, that’s exactly what Devin Supertramp and Mountain Dew are up to: piling a crew and human slingshot equipment into an RV, and traveling to places submitted by fans and hopeful participants to film everyone having a crazy good time and pulling off some seriously extreme stunts! If you are interested in participating, you can contact Devin with the information on the YouTube video below that shows you just how wild of a time you’re in for.

Are you finding the outdoors a little boring lately? Why not liven things up by hurtling yourself and some friends toward a mountain?


Image via AJ Batac


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