Easy Sweet Treats for Camping

Enjoying a sugary nibble under a blanket of stars in the outdoors is one of the best things about camping, and you don’t have to expend a lot of energy to create a delicious dessert everyone will love. These easy sweet treats require minimal tools and steps, but still offer a little variety so everyone can satisfy their sweet tooth.


Homemade Trail Mix

easy sweet treats

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 This portable treat is not called “trail” mix for nothing: it is perfect for eating while on the go, and is versatile enough to complement every menu by serving as a snack, side dish, or dessert. Campers can personalize their trail mix with their favorite combination of nuts, granola, pretzels, dried fruit, candy, chocolate, and more. Some people prefer to include an energizing balance of proteins and carbohydrates, while others might want more of a sweet and salty combination, like pretzels and chocolate, to please their taste buds. Whatever the preference, the beauty is that each camper can have exactly what they want in their trail mix with no mess to clean up afterward!


Mix-and-Match S’mores

easy sweet treats

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For those who already enjoy the traditional marshmallow sandwich, these delectable sweet treats for camping will be a fireside staple. Mix-and-match s’mores simply add more flavor and style to the classic graham cracker s’more. Some favorite changes include substituting chocolate chip cookies for graham crackers, using other types of candy bars instead of traditional milk chocolate, and adding spreads like peanut butter or Nutella. With choice ingredients in tow, all that is needed is a campfire and a few sticks to roast the marshmallows, and the s’mores are ready to eat!


Campfire Pies

easy sweet treats

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These sweet, warm mini pies are a fun and easy way to finish off any meal. A pie iron, buttered bread, canned pie filling, and a campfire are all that are needed to make a crispy, delicious mini-pie. Any type of fruit filling works well, but you could also use richer fillings like peanut butter, Nutella, and marshmallow cream. Simply put two slices of buttered bread in the pie iron, and spoon your filling into the bottom slice. Finally, allow each pie to cook in the fire until the crust is crispy brown, and enjoy a decadent treat under the starry night sky!


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