Art That Nature Brings to Life

anthony howe kinetic sculptureHere at SunnyScope, we love it when we come across artists that use nature as their primary medium, so nothing pleased us more when we discovered the works of Washington kinetic sculpture artist Anthony Howe.

Howe began his professional career in art in the mid 1970s, studying at the Skowhegan School of Sculpture and Painting. His paintings have been featured at Gallery on the Green in Lexington, Massachusetts, as well as the collections of Teradyne Corp., Harvard University, William Small, and various other public and private collections, but it wasn’t until he moved to New York City in 1985 that his focus shifted from a static medium to a kinetic one.

As the superintendent for a warehouse in New York, Howe’s vision began to bloom in all the steel that surrounded him day in and day out, inspiring him to sculpt this abundant material into moving, living pieces. His first works were hung on discarded elevator cables strung between buildings, each engaged in its own organic performance based on the whims of the wind. It was these performances that led Howe to his true calling as a 3D kinetic sculpture artist.

Howe moved to Orcas Island, Washington in 1995 and purchased 10 acres on which he built his home, and later opened a gallery of his own, including a sculpture park to showcase his designs. Although the gallery and sculpture park are now closed, Howe’s work continues, describing his current project as the largest kinetic sculpture in the world, entitled Octo 3, which he will unveil at Nevada’s annual Burning Man arts festival in 2014.

The thing that we find the most incredible about Anthony Howe’s work is that it is created to work in harmony with the intrinsic nature of the outdoors. His pieces would certainly be impressive as stationary works of art, but it isn’t until nature brings them to life that you see the true value of his vision. Take a look at this video of Howe’s extraordinary work and how each piece comes to life.

Image via Anthony Howe


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