5 of the Hottest Places on Earth

This time of year, it’s hard to think of anything but hot weather and bright sunshine. Warm weather can be relaxing, and often brings to mind images of lounging at the beach, sipping a cool iced drink. However, some places on the planet may be too warm for even the most enthusiastic sun lovers. Here are five of the hottest places found on Earth — are you cool enough to visit any of these regions?


Al’Aziziyah, Libya

al aziziyah libya 5 of the Hottest Places on Earth

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One of the hottest countries on earth is Libya. It is covered by the Libyan Desert, one of the driest and hottest places on the planet. Some parts of this desert have not seen rain for almost ten years. One of the warmest cities in the country is Al’Aziziyah. Outdoors temperatures remain hot in Al’Aziziyah year round, and between March and November, these temperatures are often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. On September 13, 1932, a temperature of 136 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded. This temperature was never substantiated, but is still often considered to be the highest temperature ever recorded on earth.


Ghadames, Libya

ghadames 5 of the Hottest Places on Earth

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Libya is host to yet another of the world’s hottest locales, in the town of Ghadames. The highest temperature recorded in this town was 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Located in the Northwestern part of the country, Ghadames is built around an oasis. In order remain cool during the warmest months, the townspeople built their homes from mud and palm leaves. These beautiful mud buildings are now considered to be historically unique and important.


Death Valley, California

death valley1 5 of the Hottest Places on Earth

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The highest validated outdoor temperature ever recorded was 134 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature was taken in Death Valley, California, one of the world’s top hottest places. Death Valley is located in the Mojave Desert and, because of its low elevation, is the most arid place in North America. Between April and October, day time temperatures are usually in the 90s or 100s. However, because of the low humidity, temperatures often quickly drop to below freezing at night.


Kebili, Tunisia

kebili 5 of the Hottest Places on Earth

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Kebili, a town in Tunisia known for its amazing date fruit, is another hot spot. Kebili is located in the Sahara Desert but, like Ghadames, is an oasis town. The oasis does not keep Kebili from attaining amazingly hot temperatures, however. The highest temperature recorded in Kebili was 131 degrees Fahrenheit.


Timbuktu, Mali

timbuktu 5 of the Hottest Places on Earth

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Timbuktu, in Mali is one of the most famous, and also one of the warmest, cities in Africa. Timbuktu rests on the edge of the Sahara Desert and usually experiences average, year-round outdoor temperatures of 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, with summer temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees. The warmest temperature ever recorded in Timbuktu was 130.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

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