3 Reasons to Use a Camping Checklist

Use a Camping ChecklistCamping and hiking lend themselves to the rugged individual. We take the basics and figure out the rest from there. We go on our adventures to be a part of nature, not necessarily to tame it, but to embrace it for a night, a weekend or much longer. So to many, the idea of a camping checklist seems like an overkill and an insult to the rugged individualism of the outdoors.

If you’re willing to put your survivalist instincts aside for a moment, consider these three reasons why you should use a camping checklist.

Different Gear for Different Trips

You may be the best hammock lightweight backcountry hiker on the planet, but what happens when you start a family and now need to transition into the world of multi-room tents and entertainment for the young ones? Or maybe you’re going to try your hand at one of the many music festivals that include camping. There are many varieties of camping and hiking trips and they all require slightly different sets of gear.

New Campmates

Have you ever invited a friend along on a hiking or camping trip only to have them show up with the wrong gear, or worse, missing the most important pieces of equipment? If you have a checklist, you can easily share it with new friends and, assuming they follow it, never have to worry about them bringing what they’re supposed to.

Peace of Mind

When you have a checklist, you can make sure you have everything you need. You won’t stress while packing and you won’t have to improvise when you get on the trail and realize you’ve forgotten both your water filter and your backup purification system.

If you’re changing camping styles, bringing along new outdoors people or simply want to alleviate stress on your next outdoor adventure, be sure to use a camping checklist.

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