3 Best Hydration Devices for Backpackers

When on a long backpacking trek, the last thing anyone wants to do is reach into their backpack for a sip of water. Sure, an old canteen with a strap is a little more convenient and can do the job, but they can be highly cumbersome to carry through challenging terrain. Luckily, there are several special hydration devices designed for avid backpackers. Depending on how long you plan to spend out on the trails, you might choose one hydration device over the other. It’s not uncommon for backpackers to incorporate multiple hydration devices in their pack at the same time.


High Sierra Soaker 70 Active Outdoor Hydration Pack - $30.95

Hydration Pack

A hydration device that is highly popular among backpackers is a backpack which contains a built-in water reservoir. The water is dispensed is through a small hose which loops around to the front. All you have to do is bring the hose up to your mouth, open a lever and drink. These are extremely convenient, considering it doesn’t take much extra space in your pack and because its accessibility.


platypus big zip SL reservoirHydration Reservoir

There are ways to implement a drinking reservoir into your current backpack. A water bladder is a durable and refillable hydration device that you can fill with any other drink of your choice. They are collapsible when empty, making it easy to save space. They dispense water the same way water backpacks do; through a levered hose. Water bladders usually have a loop-hole, to tie or clamp onto your bag.


msr autoflow gravity filterWater Filtration System

For backpackers looking to spend multiple days on the trail, a water filtration system is ideal. A compact filtration system ensures that purified water is available wherever there is natural water. Water sources out in the wilderness are dirty and impossible to drink without risking your health. However, there are portable filters that are compact and easy to carry. Once your initial water supply runs out, you can pump purified water right back into them.


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