Nature's Masterpieces: The Aurora Borealis

Nature's Masterpieces: The Aurora Borealis

September 30, 2014

By Creedence Gerlach

If you've always been enchanted by the "northern lights" of the aurora borealis, read on to learn more about this fascinating natural phenomenon!Read more »

5 Necessities for a DIY Tent Repair Kit

DIY tent repair kit

Every avid camper should build and carry a DIY tent repair kit in their camp gear to ensure they are never without adequate shelter in the outdoors!

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Get Out On the Water in Voyageurs National Park

voyageurs national park

There are few more breathtaking ways to enjoy summer giving way to autumn than on the waterways of Minnesota’s beautiful Voyageurs National Park.

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5 High Protein Snacks for the Trail

high protein snack

Make sure you have plenty of energy for your outdoor activities by bringing at least one of these high protein snacks with you on the trail!

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How to Build a Bug-Out Bag

bug-out bag

Natural disasters and other crises can strike at virtually any time with little to no notice, so it is important to be prepared with your own bug-out bag!

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Winter is Coming: 5 Creatures That Hibernate

creatures that hibernate

Everyone knows that bears hibernate every winter, but did you know about these other 5 creatures that hibernate every year right under our feet?

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The Historic Charm of Cuyahoga Valley National Park

cuyahoga valley national park

If you think of Ohio as little more than a flyover state, change your tune and visit the northeastern part of the state’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

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5 Unusual Wild Mushrooms

unusual mushrooms

Wild mushrooms are some of the planet’s most ubiquitous organisms, but these 5 unusual species are worth stopping to check out!

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Survival Uses for a Milk Jug

survival uses for a milk jug

In a survival situation, you never know what everyday items you take for granted will come in handy. Check out a few of our survival uses for a milk jug.

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3 Natural Remedies for Upset Stomach

natural remedies for upset stomach

The next time you feel a rumbling tummy on a camping trip, be sure you have one of these natural remedies for upset stomach on hand to handle it quickly!

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5 Essentials for Camping with a Baby

camping with a baby

If you’re a new parent and think your camping days are over for a while, think again! Check out 5 essentials for camping with a baby and get into the woods!

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