Essential Camp Gear for Camping in the Desert

Essential Camp Gear for Camping in the Desert

April 15, 2014

By Creedence Gerlach

Camping in the desert can be an educational experience like no other ecosystem can offer. Here are just a few items of essential camp gear you'll need out there.Read more »

5 Common Parasitic Animal Relationships

animal relationships

Although unpleasant to live with or even think about, parasitic animal relationships are found throughout the natural world, these 5 being the most common.

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Camp Kitchenware for Less Than $35

gsi outdoors glacier stainless mess kit

If you need to pick up a few pieces of camp kitchenware but want to stay within a budget, check out SunnySports’ wide selection of items under $35!

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3 Dutch Oven Desserts Starring Apples

dutch oven

A dutch oven is one of the most versatile pieces of cookware an avid camper can own, and these delicious apple desserts are just three reasons why!

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Symbiotic Relationships in the Arctic

symbiotic relationships

Symbiotic relationships exist in every ecosystem of the world, even in the Arctic, where little wildlife is observed throughout most of the year!

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Revolutionary New Sierra Designs Sleeping Bags

sierra designs backcountry bed

When it comes to outdoor sleeping systems, we have to tip our hats to these revolutionary new Sierra Designs sleeping bags!

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5 Beautiful Endangered Birds of China

endangered birds

Sadly, there isn’t a place on Earth where endangered birds don’t exist, and these five beautiful birds of China are high on the list of threatened species.

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5 Deepest Lakes in Canada

deepest lakes in canada

There are lakes in the world so big that they seem almost like seas, and these five deepest lakes in Canada are front runners for the title!

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Hawaii’s Biggest Volcanoes

biggest volcanoes

If you’re looking for the world’s biggest volcanoes, the Hawaiian Islands are a great place to start, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire.

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Trail Medicine: Is My Poison Oak Rash Contagious?

poison oak rash

A poison oak rash is some nasty business, and may seem like an infectious disease as it develops. But not to worry — find out what’s happening inside!

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3 Awesome Examples of Bird Camouflage

bird camouflage

Birds are some of the planet’s oldest creatures, so it makes perfect sense that they are masters of disguise. Here are three experts in bird camouflage!

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